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Web Analytics

Maximise the business potential of your website through measurement and analysis of your visitor behaviour.

We provide a service which provides you with valuable information about the profitability of your website.

Our web analytics reports provide you with extensive information, including (but by no means limited to):

  • Information about your visitors such as how they found you (including what keywords and phrases they are entering, and on which search engines).
  • When your server was down, for how long and how much bandwidth your site has been using.
  • Which pages are the most and least popular and what paths your visitors take through your site
  • Tracking visits from pay-per-click ads or other external sources
  • Calculation of ROI

Our sites are tailored to your individual requirements. Though we use a number of templates as a basis, we make many adjustments (background, navigation style, choice of graphics, fonts) leading to a highly individual site.

View a sample web analytics report here