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Alcander recognizes the importance of exchanging links with suitable, quality sites in order to achieve a good link popularity. Link popularity, as well documented on this site, in turn is very important for page rank (a Google concept) and high rankings with the search engines.

Useful Links

We place links to our link partners' sites either on our useful links page, or in the most relevant place on our site

If you believe your site complements ours (or one of our owned sites, not related to web promotion), we would like to help you improve your visibility on the web (and ours!) by exchanging links. We describe here what kind of sites we think fulfill our criteria, but we may have overlooked something, so please feel free to apply.

All you need to do is place a link to us on your site using one of the links below, and then contact us, leaving details of the link you would like us to place. If we believe your site is suitable, then we will be only too glad to add your link. It will be added in one of the following places. A) On our useful links page, B) In an appropriate section of this site e.g. we may mention you in one of our web promotion articles or C) on one of our owned sites.

We will consider at least the following categories of web sites : Web Designers, Web Authors, Web Masters Resources, Marketing, Business Advice, Web Strategy, Project Management, Business Management, Business Opportunities, Customer Retention, E-commerce, Web Site Personalization. And if you would like a link from one of the other sites owned by Alcander, we will consider at least : mobile phone accessories or anything to do with phones (for AllAboutPhones); anything on saving or earning money and anything on running a business from home such as home business opportunities, reducing costs, affiliate schemes, PC security, accounting software (for WorkAtHomeIdeas).

OTHER CRITERIA THAT SHOULD BE MET (before we can link to you)
We only consider sites which a) do not utilize unethical web promotion techniques b) are non-pornographic (we also exclude sites which we consider to contain content likely to offend) c) If your site is UK based (you are looking at our .com - International site), it is not a problem at all, and we will consider linking to you from our UK site (as well as our International site, if appropriate)

To grab any of the banners or links, cut and paste from the text fields below the display of each banner or link - and thanks for linking to us!

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