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We can not emphasise how important web promotion and customer retention are for your website to succeed. Google indexes about 3 billion pages. You may need to compete with thousands of other web pages, and there are several million new web pages every day.We provide you with a number of ways you can stay ahead :

• A monthly FREE NEWSLETTER with marketing tips and news about the search engines.
• Our articles on Web Promotion
• Our articles on Customer Retention
• Our KnowledgeBase for easy lookup up terms and concepts
Webmasters resources - providing you with tools to enhance or promote your website.

Alternatively, if you do not have the time or inclination to attempt to market your website, we can do it for you. We provide an affordable and flexible consultancy service, addressing all the important aspects of web promotion.

Alcander Ltd. helps you read the signs leading to those enviable positions at the top of the search engines

Past Newsletters :

As well as the highlights shown, each newsletter to date has also included :

  1. The Alcander (unofficial) Web Awards. We pick out "the best" website in various categories.

  2. "What is". We introduce a new term or concept (to go in our knowledgebase). This section was excluded in issue 7.

  3. Internet / Search Engine news. News you may have missed, usually focusing what is going on in the world of search engines and directories.













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Optimisation of anchor text

Beyond Google : Search Engine Shortcuts

What Is? : Bookmarklets






7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (6)Bad HTML

Beyond Google : Visual-meta search engines (part 2)

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7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (5)Unstructured planning of websites.

Beyond Google : Visual meta search engines (part 1)

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7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (4)The Search Engine War - Avoiding Being Overtaken

Beyond Google : The Deep Web

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Benefiting from Online Discussion Forums

Ways to localise your Website

7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (3)The Search Engine War - Resisting Anger

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Dec 03


How a Web Callback System can help Communication with your Customers

7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (2)The Lust for more traffic

Beyond Google : Searching for Images

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26 Nov 03


Popular Free Resources for Website Enhancement

7 Big Mistakes in Web Design : (1)Redundant Features of websites

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10 Nov


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