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Alcander Ltd. is a new company (founded in 2002) specialising in Web Promotion and Customer Retention. The founder, Phil Martindale, has worked in the I.T. industry for over twenty years, and has, since 1996 built up extensive knowledge in Web Development and E-commerce.



The philosophy of this site is to provide a one-stop base for Webmasters when they are planning their Web Promotion and Customer Retention strategy, putting that plan into action and periodically enhancing the stickiness of their web site(s). This site will be maintained in line with new Webmasters' resources that come onto the market.

Webmasters wishing to do their own web promotion work, can increase their awareness of the many ways of promoting sites, keeping visitors and which resources are available to help them maximise the effectiveness of their website.
  Alcander's KnowledgeBase
and articles are full of strategies for reaching those allusive top positions in the search engine listings!

This is achieved through the selection of articles (on Web Promotion and Customer Retention) and the Knowledge Base. In addition, Webmasters can exchange knowledge with others through the forum.

Alternatively, Webmasters may wish to use our Consultancy Services


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