Your Ace card for Web Promotion 

There are several opportunities to earn money in association with the resources we are promoting in the WebMaster Resources section (as well as a few others). Here is a summary of the schemes that are available.

Navigate the links to find out about commissions, no of tiers possible (where applicable) and other details on the earning potential and, moreover, how to get started! The 'brief details' may not include this information.

Opportunity Product or Service Brief Details  
WebPosition Dealer Program Referral Partner & Dealer positions available. 2-Tier affiliate program.
WordTracker Affiliate Program

15% referral fee per sale.You can also introduce others to this affiliate program. 5% on sales from subaffiliates. No limit to the amount of subaffiliates you can have.

Earn Money From Your Website: Information Packaging Affiliate Program
. Award winning range of software tools for webmasters and custom programming services. Commission from sales.
2 tier affiliate program.

A Unique (UK based) Business Opportunity

This opportunity is not related to Web Promotion (although if you are successful at promoting websites, you have an advantage).

Business Opportunity with Telecom plus Telecom plus offers you a unique business career as a self-employed 'Executive', one of the most exciting opportunities available in the UK today, and one which has the potential to provide you with a regular monthly income, that could continue to rise long after you've stopped working!
AWeber Affiliate Program AWeber - Email Marketing Refer customers to AWeber to make a 20% commission on each sale - 10% commission from subaffiliates.


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