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Thanks to WebPosition our business and traffic have increased 8 to 12 fold. Philip K. Akalp
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Customer Testimonials

Who better to attest to the value of WebPosition Gold than those who use it everyday?

Below is only a sampling of the dozens of exceptional comments we receive every month. The real value of a product should NOT be judged solely by great reviews it has garnered in the press (although WebPosition has had many) but rather by what the CUSTOMERS who use the product everyday think about it.

"I am now a faithful user of WebPosition. It has, seriously, increased my traffic from 5 hits a month to 500-1000 per day!!!! Sales have soared!! Thanks you a thousand time over!"

Rich Patterson

"I have been using your product for over a year now, and I just wanted to say thank you. I now have over one hundred customers and your software is an integral part of my search engine placement work. I regularly beat out other sites with the number of competing sites being listed in the millions ( regularly ). The reporting alone is worth it's weight in gold, and the ASCII file export is very helpful to me as well. I use it to output to a database and allow my customers to login to a customized reporting page. Good Job!

However, the reason I am emailing you is in regards to your technical support team. I recently had a small system glitch and it brought up an error in the program ( the first in a year ). Following the instructions, I emailed the error message to Susan Goodson in your technical support department and got an immediate responder followed by a very pleasant and informative email with some possible solutions and good feedback which was all very helpful.

You should be proud to have people that take their job so seriously and offer such quick and helpful customer support. ( You have Dell, Microsoft, AOL etc.. blown out of the water when it comes to promptness and attitude ) I will continue to use this product, and preach of your great service and promptness of updates, etc. All in all, you have done very well, and I wanted to take time out to send you a personal thank you."

Pete Freedman
Search Engineer / Cold Fusion

"Thanks for your e-mail received today. There is only one word to described Webposition Gold and that is Fantastic! Brilliant! Sorry, that's two words. I have actually known about it for some time and never seemed to get around to getting it. So glad I did. The concepts and principles are not new to me and I apply them to my clients sites. I am an Internet consultant and can see this beautiful piece of software increasing my productivity a hundredfold.

Thanks again for such a labor-saving piece of brilliance."

Roger Williams
Technical Director

Trust those who know...

"This is the perfect opportunity for me to rave about your softwareandcustomer support. Web Position is literally the backbone of my business. Every issue we have ever had has been addressed quickly and effectively. I thank you sincerely for making the effort to provide an excellent product coupled by extraordinary customer support."

- Katherine Thornock


"When I started my company, I decided to make my customers #1. I've done business with several Internet based companies, and observed their behavior toward their customers.

I just want to compliment you for your highest regard for your customers. FirstPlace Software has earned much respect with me. I'm sure your business is successful because of the high degree of professionalism, as well as quality people who are more than willing to help!...

I've even received answers to my questions in the late evenings, and Sundays on a couple of occasions....

FirstPlace is a company I'm very proud to do business with. I look forward to a long business relationship."

- Terry Christian

"I am a satisfied Web Position Gold customer. The software is outstanding, but the customer support I have experienced from Jim is excellent too.

I first went through all the help topics. Since then I have probably called in about 3 times and each time Jim has been very helpful. When he helps me, I am able to get better positions for myself and I can make more money.

This product and support is everything you said it would be and I am impressed. Thank you!"

- Tom Adishian

"Chad, thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough response. I can tell that FirstPlace Software is very, very customer-oriented. I couldn't be more impressed.

You've totally convinced me that you stand behind your product, and that I can expect to be DELIGHTED with it.

Don't you wish everyone had such terrific customer service!!"

- Jeff Marx

"I also want to mention how pleased I am with your software. I see a lot of software and very rarely does it perform exactly as promised. Yours does. My site went from having almost no traffic and zero sales to being actually profitable. (Imagine that-a dotcom that makes money!) I attribute all of this increase to your product. Keep up the good work."

-Ken Furlong

"I have an on-line mouse pad store. As you can guess, this is a pretty cut-n-dry area as far as keywords are concerned. Anyway, to get to the point, on the Open Directory, for a keyword search of "mouse pads," my site now ranks #3!! This wouldn't have happened had it not been for you guys. Your "Secrets to Achieving Top Ten Positioning" alone is worth its weight in gold. Not to mention the forums, newsletters, and the software itself. And this is only the beginning... I'm soon going to be going after the other search engines. GREAT work you guys.... keep it up.

- Tim Lowery

And the customer accolades continue...

"First of all, I have to say without WebPosition Gold I wouldn't be getting the traffic to my site that I do. Over the past 9 months it's grown very steadily - about ten-fold ,based mainly on practices that you supplied with the product documentation - good job...."
- Andy Rockliffe


"A friend of mine in the site promotion business recently purchased two copies of WebPosition Gold. One for his company and one for mine. Although I was hesitant to use it at first (not because I didn't believe it worked but rather because I felt that by not manually submitting sites for customers I was somehow cheating them out of quality), it has become an important asset to me and my customers. I can now give my clients much more in-depth information and suggestions for upgrading their pages. My maintenance services have also been given quite a boost. I guess I just wanted to say thanks.

P.S. You can also add me to the list of Mac users running this program in Virtual PC 3.0 Rock solid."

- Karl Sweet

"No suggestion or tip - just a comment - you guys ARE THE BEST - the best software for my business and the best newsletter I have subscribed to. Some newsletters, I subscribe to for a month or two, then start deleting them when I see them in my mailbox, then eventually get around to unsubscribing.

I save all your newsletters!! They are well written, helpful and most informative. I have commended your company before, but it is always a pleasure to do it again. Keep up your great work.

p.s. Your customer support is great also, speedy replies to all my e mails."

- Richard Simon

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Your software made it easy, fast, and profitable. I charge more for aggressive search engine submission than I do for design, and I am becoming more and more valuable because of Web Position Gold."

- Preston Kincaid
The Kincaid Design Group

"... just for the record, the excellent "tutorial" has also given me a Ph.D. in "webtronics", along with a second-place position of one of our URL's at Excite . . . up from a 1,599th listing, or worse :)

Once again I'd like to congratulate your company for its truly excellent client (and potential client) followup, both leading up to a sale and after-the-sale. It's a joy to be involved with a company that actually gets it!"

- Patrick Robinson

"The $149 I spent was definitely worth it. It takes time, but if I was paying someone to do the same thing, it would have cost thousands!!

Thank you (and your customer support is second to none!)"

- Jane Ryan

" First time out with your software I was able to achieve excellent results on the three search engines that have indexed the site to date. In one example, my client is in position #2, while Yahoo s equivalent site is #5 and NetCenter s is #8. The key was in setting a specific search target, rather than trying to cast too wide a net. My client is happy. I am happy."

After asking for permission to use the above quote we received.

"Sure, you may post my comments on the webposition.com web site....

WebPosition Gold continues to be a very useful product for me. After I wrote the comments you are asking to post, I actually hit the #1 position for my client on two search engines. On that score, I am willing to take credit for designing a searchable page.Still, I have to credit WebPosition Gold both for the coaching that is embedded in the software and for automating so much of the drudgery that is inherent in any web site positioning campaign.

This is an honest product that clearly delivers value."

- Bob Dolan
Red Dolphin Designs

"I think your software is one of the best things I have ever purchased. What a pleasure it is to deal with First Place Software. Questions answered, problems solved, superior (if not, unmatched) support...well I could go on and on with the plaudits. You definitely get the blue ribbon from me."

- Greg Bertelsen
CariMar & Associates

"I have just one word to describe this software program. AWESOME !!!!!

Web Position has help me stay on top of the competition, the reports generated are very beneficial and show me exactly where the weak areas are, and how to improve on them...

Great product, keep up the good work."

- Gary Grasshoff

"One of the most competetive keywords on search engines these days would have to be "web site design". This being because most of the Web Design companies out there know how to market themselves.

Thanks to Web Position Gold, our company has been able to make a major impact in the category, and have increased our web traffic 10 fold!

It is wonderful to see our efforts pay off! Thank you once again for making it possible."

- Mark Noel

" Just picked one of your emails at random to send this message. Thanks for the *GREAT* product. I took a 10 hit per week web site to 50 hits per day, and I think you are a major force.... Within weeks of starting use of your product I recieved several orders for product, including my expensive stuff that has not moved. I am now showing up on the search engines in a reasonable location. Thanks at least a couple of hundred unexpected dollars worth."

- Don Hilliker

"Thank you very much. By the way, I am writing an article for West Publishing (actually updating an article that I wrote three years ago) on law office technology. This time around, they wanted me to add a section on Internet marketing. One of the real world illustrations that I plan to use is the fact that my office site went from 250,000 page impressions per year to 14,000,000 page impression per year after I re-did it using WebPosition Gold and agressively worked the search engines with your product."

- Ron Gotcher

"I had a copy of your program refunded a few months ago and have since decided to re-purchase your program. It has taken me this time to realize that the rest of the products out there are rip-offs and WebPosition is the best!!!!"

-David Warren

[Customer made a product enhancement suggestion and then went on to say...]

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your companies incredible customer service. Your response time and the fact you simply did not ignore my suggestion is tremendously appreciated. "First Place" is in my opinion, an appropriate name for both your product and customer care."

-Morry Zelcovitch

"I have a web site called www.DontSmoke.com that I created to HELP people quit smoking. I created this web site in mid June of 1998 and of course I received no traffic. I then purchased your Web Position software and spent some well spent time creating different pages for different keywords and different search engines.

Well anyway, now I receive from 800 to 1000 hits a week and the count is constantly increasing. I've bought more domain names and created some Doorway pages with them. Your software has been a BIG help in helping me HELP OTHERS!

Keep up the GREAT WORK. Your product can only get BETTER as you develop it.

Thanks for offering such a FAIR priced product for the average person to benefit from."

-Shell Silva

"...as the ranking increased in the major search engines the number of visits rose significantly. In some cases it was 20% increase for more heavily visited sites and up to 400% on more obscure web sites."

Tom Welch twelch@lumberjack.com

[WebMaster Note: I was going to add even more comments we've received, but I was afraid it might take too long to load the page. If the above doesn't convince you, check out the reviews by various publications or just buy it now under our 45-day guarantee and see for yourself!]

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"If I were paying someone to do the same thing, it would have cost thousands!! Thank you and your customer support is second to none!"
--Jane Ryan

More Testimonials and Reviews
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"WebPosition has already increased my traffic from 5 hits a month to 500-1000 per day!! Sales have soared! Thank you a thousand time over!"
--Rich Patterson

More Testimonials and Reviews

"I have just one word to describe this software program. AWESOME! WebPosition has helped me stay on top of the competition."
--Gary Grasshoff

More Testimonials and Reviews

"WebPosition Gold is a tool you really can't afford to live without if you want to keep increasing your site's traffic! ...So does WebPosition really work? In a word...hellyes!"
--David Fiedler

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