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Thanks to WebPosition our business and traffic have increased 8 to 12 fold. Philip K. Akalp
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Each month with MarketPosition you'll receive valuable tips, insights and help so you know just what to do to achieve top positions in the major search engines.

You'll learn little known insights you won't find anywhere else! Implement our suggestions and strategies and watch your traffic increase without spending a penny in advertising. Our subscribers rave about our newsletter and can probably tell you better than we can about the value of the newsletter.

You could pay big bucks for expert marketing advice, or you could just subscribe to MarketPosition.


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You can un-subscribe at any time. And note:

We promise NOT to share your E-mail address with any other party or mailing list!

You can subscribe to the MarketPosition newsletter now OR, it's also included with the FREE Trial downloaded of WebPosition Gold.


  • How do I get my page in the "Top 10" and keep it there?

  • What things must I do differently for each search engine to be successful?

  • What's the best way to submit my pages?

  • What are the biggest mistakes most site managers make that adversely affect their traffic?

  • How do I know if my positions are improving or declining?

  • What other things can I do to increase my traffic?

  • How can optimizing my Web page for one search engine hurt me in another?

  1. Q: Must I buy WebPosition Gold first to subscribe?

    ANSWER: No. There's no purchase necessary.

  2. Q: How often is it E-mailed?

    ANSWER: Monthly. If changes occur with the search engines that you should know about, we may E-mail bonus issues to keep you current with recent developments.

  3. Q: How is your newsletter different than all the others?

    ANSWER: There are many good newsletters out there. However, some try to cover a broad array of issues but only in brief detail. We try to focus on giving you hard facts that benefit your site in increasing traffic, particularly with search engines.

Can't wait for the next issue of MarketPosition? No problem! The WebPosition Gold FREE Trial is loaded with traffic building tips. It also gives you the tool to make traffic building easier to do than ever before.

SEE What our Readers are saying!

"This is only the second newsletter I have ever received from any source that was truly offering real assistance. Your letter, in fact, is even better than the other one. You appear to go out of your way to give more complete information that I can use and that I would have to purchase otherwise. I appreciate this very much."

- Annette Ommen

"Just a quick note to say that I found the information in your newsletter to be as good as [WebPosition Gold] itself. Which is to say... yep, you guessed it, utterly brilliant! Don't you ever put a foot wrong? :)"

- Jonathon Pain Webweavers

"Very good newsletter. I liked your newsletter because:

  1. You had statistics with enough credit to determine how much to trust them.
  2. You had specific how-to's.
  3. Your how-to's were short and easy to utilize.
  4. You gave examples.
  5. You had follow-ups to previous information, with updates in an industry that seems to change by the hour (24 hours a day)."

- Damian Christianson, Com Systems Marketing, Internet Presence Development

"I find your MarketPosition newsletter to be very useful, appropriate, timely and astute. Thank you. Please keep up this excellent "heads-up" service. I've been a site marketing pro since '94, and if it's one thing I've learned, it's that it's nearly impossible for one person to stay on top of all the 'Andromeda Strain' morphs that search engines are going through in this "shaking-out" phase of the Web's maturation. Your newsletter is an invaluable extra set of eyes/ears, and any marketing pro would be wise to pay heed. Once no longer the student, no longer the master. :o]"

- Steve Harrison, President, Web Merlin Marketing

"Thanks for your newsletter. (Gee, what a treat. FINALLY...somebody who delivers truly useful content...instead of a bunch of empty marketing hype.) Thanks for setting such a good example and for delivering real value."

- Steve Meyers, President, Nobul Press

"Thanks for the first Marketposition Newsletter. Excellent! I plan to purchase your software as a result."

-Paul O'Connor

"Concise, clear and to the point. I wish you wrote the many computer books I've read. I am amazed at the amount of information I can use in each of your newsletters. Thank You. P.S. If I can send you a couple of passes to Catalina Island from Newport Beach CA., let me know."

- Mike Donegan, Catalina Passenger Service

"I received my first MarketPosition last night. I read it and was floored. The information you presented in your newsletter was just outstanding. Thanks for offering such an asset to anyone who wants to market online. I will send it to many of my friends and tell a few mailing lists I belong to as well. You should not be a secret! I will be stopping by your site to get past issue information as well."

- Angela Smith, Photos 2 Puzzles

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"Very resourceful. Keep them coming."


"This information is so informative. As a sales executive for the Cedro Group, I have to educate my clients on the value of search engines and advertising. I am looking into possibly purchasing your professional version for our production team. Thank you."

- Kirsten Murray

"I love your newsletter! Keep up the GREAT work! The news on Infoseek is that they are making major changes behind the scenes and that is affecting their listings greatly."

- Randy Gordon Mediactive Design Inc.

"Thanks for the power tips newsletter. Great stuff here. I can't wait to try a few gateway pages in my next round of page updates!"

Ned Nugent, Internet Marketing Manager, Catalog Ventures

"Great Job on the newsletter. I love ongoing software support. It is so rare."

- hlthtech@kitfox.anv.net

"Terrific newsletter!"

Benton Cash, Pine Tree Consulting

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"If I were paying someone to do the same thing, it would have cost thousands!! Thank you and your customer support is second to none!"
--Jane Ryan

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"WebPosition has already increased my traffic from 5 hits a month to 500-1000 per day!! Sales have soared! Thank you a thousand time over!"
--Rich Patterson

More Testimonials and Reviews

"I have just one word to describe this software program. AWESOME! WebPosition has helped me stay on top of the competition."
--Gary Grasshoff

More Testimonials and Reviews

"WebPosition Gold is a tool you really can't afford to live without if you want to keep increasing your site's traffic! ...So does WebPosition really work? In a word...hellyes!"
--David Fiedler

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