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Thanks to WebPosition our business and traffic have increased 8 to 12 fold. Philip K. Akalp
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Does it really work?

A healthy dose of skepticism is probably a good idea on the Web today. However, in the case of WebPosition Gold, we believe we can put your mind at ease.

Achieving a high ranking on the search engines is the best advertising "bargain" on the Web today. The reason is simple: Millions of searches are done everyday. The thousands of Web sites that appear near the top of those search results essentially get free advertising. The visitors coming to those sites are more likely to buy on average since they were specifically searching for that product or service. Therefore, you have a very low cost of advertising (free), with a potential high rate of return, maximizing your profits, while minimizing your risk.

The effectiveness of search engine marketing is not just our own opinion. Third party surveys back us up on this claim:

According to a study by WebCMO, guess what the most effective advertising strategy was for Web marketers?

Banner ads?
Print ads?
Spam mail?

Sorry, none of the above! The single most effective method of generating Web site traffic are Search Engines followed closely by Solicited or Opt-In Email.

The following scale demonstrates how each Web marketer in the WebCMO survey rated the over-all effectiveness of the following methods on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most effective.

Search Engines 3.35
Solicited or Opt-In Email 3.34
Offline Advertising 3.04
Press Release 3.00
Banner Advertising 2.85
Discussion Forums 2.83
Sponsorships 2.61
Newsgroups 2.46
Strategic Linking 2.44
Spam 1.83

However, those Webmasters that found the search engines effective must have known the secret: People must be able to find you on one or more keywords when they do a search!

The WebCMO study is just one of many affirming the effectiveness of search engine marketing. NPD Group found that search engine listings create six times more sales per visitor on average than banner ads!

OK, so the Web marketers find search engine marketing effective you say? But if everyone wants to be in the top 10 positions, I'm never going to get there right? Wrong! In fact, so many people make this assumption that they don't even try to improve their positions in the first place. Or, most try and tackle the process by hand and fail miserably. This leaves a wonderful opportunity for those who really want to succeed, and who are savvy enough to use the latest tools.

We've also found that over half the people out there don't even know they need to submit their site, or if they know enough to submit, don't even realize there's more they should be doing. Therefore, of the millions of Web sites out there, only a fraction of them are even trying to compete for those top positions.

You might now say "WebPosition Gold sounds great, but what if everyone discovers WebPosition and starts doing the same thing?"

Well, we wish everyone would buy WebPosition, but sadly it will be a very long time (perhaps never) before everyone becomes that educated on search engines and actually acts on that knowledge. The key is you have an opportunity right NOW, so act on it by downloading the free trial, and putting it to use to gain an upper hand against your competitors. This is how you win in the business world. By identifying an opportunity, and getting there first.

In addition, there are not just 10 or 20 slots everyone is competing for as some people assume at first. Millions of different searches are being conducted everyday. Target multiple keywords and PHRASES that apply to your Web site's content. You might find some words less competitive than others and achieve top rankings quickly. Simply carve out a niche for yourself to greatly improve the odds of your success. This is basic "Marketing 101".

For example, if you are in the competitive category of "travel" and find it too difficult to obtain a high ranking on the word "travel", then create pages that describe in detail one particular destination or activity. Perhaps create a great page discussing "sailing in the Caribbean" and then have WebPosition's Page Generator and Critic help you optimize the page for that phrase. Most people try to be specific in their searches today, otherwise they get back thousands of pages that they aren't interested in. Take advantage of that bit of knowledge.

However, don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

"It's about time I thanked you for such a fine product as WebPosition and for your great MarketPosition Newsletter. We introduced our rather haphazard real estate website about 8 months ago in an extremely competitive arena of real estate websites. Remember, the Albuquerque, NM area is a hotbed of high technology which attracts a very computer savvy population. We are the home of Intel and Sandia National Laboratories.

By applying your tips and using WebPosition to monitor the effectiveness of our keywords, our simple home grown website now ranks in the top 30 (and in many cases in the top 10) for all our most important keywords. The volume of serious e-mail inquiries from our site continues to grow each month. We are able to compete on an extremely modest budget with real estate sites created by professional (meaning prohibitively expensive) website studios.

Thanks again for giving us this "secret weapon" and thanks for your quick responses to my help requests over the past few months."

Charles Frady, REALTOR

Think Charles Frady's experience was a fluke? Check out the dozens of other testimonials we've received from among our many customers.

If that weren't enough, the highly respected MecklerMedia publication, WebDeveloper.com reviewed WebPosition Gold for six months and concluded their detailed review with:

"WebPosition Gold is a tool you really can't afford to live without if you want to keep increasing your site's traffic! So does WebPosition really work? In a word...hellyes! "
WebDeveloper went on to give us their WebDeveloper Product of the Year Award, and to mention that they as much as quadrupled search engine traffic to their Web sites using WebPosition Gold!

Feel free to check out other independent reviews of WebPosition, with most giving WebPosition perfect 5 out of 5 star ratings!

The best way to prove WebPosition's value is to simply download the trial free, or buy it right now for just $149 and take advantage of our 100% can't lose guarantee. You'll be glad you did.

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"If I were paying someone to do the same thing, it would have cost thousands!! Thank you and your customer support is second to none!"
--Jane Ryan

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"WebPosition has already increased my traffic from 5 hits a month to 500-1000 per day!! Sales have soared! Thank you a thousand time over!"
--Rich Patterson

More Testimonials and Reviews

"I have just one word to describe this software program. AWESOME! WebPosition has helped me stay on top of the competition."
--Gary Grasshoff

More Testimonials and Reviews

"WebPosition Gold is a tool you really can't afford to live without if you want to keep increasing your site's traffic! ...So does WebPosition really work? In a word...hellyes!"
--David Fiedler

Review by WebDeveloper.com

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