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Search Engine Optimization
We go far beyond editing meta tags and submitting to search engines with our thorough, but flexible, approach. 85% of people using the Internet to find goods and services, start their search with the search engines. We can help you tap into that substantial market.

SEARCH ENGINE Optimization

Choice of 3 packages (or bespoke)

Choose between our basic, intermediate, advanced and bespoke packages.

We have defined these packages to make it easier for you to work out what you can get for your budget, however we are more than happy to put together a package (i.e. bespoke) which is tailored to meet your aspirations, size and complexity of website and budget. In fact, we recommend that we put together an SEO package that suits you.

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Alcander Ltd are on hand to support you in the struggle to the top of the Search Engine rankings.


For a limited period Alcander are offering FREE Initial Consultation*, FREE Reporting and Maintenance** and FREE Customer Retention Analysis***
*Intermediate and Advanced packages only.
** 1 month FREE with Intermediate Package, 2 months FREE with Advanced Package.
*** 1 month FREE with Advanced Package
The special offers will be extended to the Bespoke Package (dependent on the package make-up).