Alcander's site audit service is ideal for website owners who are unsure of the potential for their websites to rank well on the search engines, and would benefit from a check list of any issues they need to address.

To enable the reporting, we ask our clients to provide a list of keywords they are aiming to rank on the search engines for.

The reports are laid out so that if the reader has little techical knowledge, they can still see via a traffic light scheme (red: action required; amber: action recommended; green: no action required) which aspects of the website need attention.

Alcander's site audit reports cover all of the following:

  • Site Architecture: Analysis ofthe way the website has been built in terms of -
    • any database layer
    • whether the URLs are search engine friendly
    • whether or not the content is easy to change (via a content management system)
    • Can the search engines easily index all the content and is there any content that should not be indexed
    • etc.
  • Keyword Appraisal - An analysis of whether the site is focused on the good keywords i.e. keywords which are relevant, not too competitive, attract high search volumes and are of high commercial value
  • Current Ranking (on Google, for the keywords you are aiming to rank for plus several resulting from the keyword appraisal)
  • SERP Presentation - Apart from the ranking on the search engines, we also look at how your site is presented in the search engine results i.e. how the likelihood that people will click on your search result
  • Page Structure: Analysis of -
    • Ease of navigation
    • Is there one one page 'per theme'?
    • Is the content written in a way that is optimal for the search engines
    • Are there any broken links?
  • Page load speed
    • If your content loads too slowly to can effect rankings (as well as losing visitors who are not prepared to wait)
  • Backlinks:
    • Analysis of the ability of your website to attact backlinks
    • Analysis of the quality of backlinks you have already in place and their potential for contributing to your ranking
  • Website accessibility (by the visually impaired)
  • Website compiance (with World Wide Web Consortium standards)
  • Extent of use of web tools i.e. are you making the best use of facilities available (many for free) on the world wide web e.g.
    • Google Places
    • Google sitemap
    • 'Follow Me' links
    • etc.

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