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There are countless organisations making claims such as "We guarantee we will get you to the top of Google". We could make similar claims about our search engine optimisation services, but the above statement is flawed in at least three ways:

  1. It is important what keywords you rank well for e.g. if you rank #1 for your company name (which is normally not too difficult anyway), it will not help you market your site to those who have never heard of you, unless you rank well for some good words (attracting high search volumes) describing your business or service.
  2. Making a guarantee is not wise unless the organisation making the claim works for Google. The way Google ranks sites changes regularly and even Google themselves have a statement on their site which warns people of such claims.
  3. Ideally, you need to rank well for a whole plethora of keywords, not just one keyword or key phrase.
  4. Just ranking well does not necessarily lead to success. You also need to ensure visitors will engage with your site and also nurture all ways that people may discover your site

With Alcander's search engine optimisation service, you can be sure of (where applicable):

  1. A holistic approach. We look at everything that may stand in the way of your organisation's success as regards your website.
  2. An extensive research into the best keywords for your site, taking into account relevance, competition, commercial value and search volumes
  3. Your site being worked on so its pages are as search engine-friendly as possible. We will fix aspects of the site which the search engines do not like e.g. broken links, coding errors and content which slows down the loading of the pages
  4. A link building program. We will research one-way links from social bookmarking sites, articles, portals, blogs and other relevant content. No link-farms (of course) and the links will only be added in cases where each link is of benefit to the page where the link is placed
  5. Implementation of Google Analytics which we will use to monitor the effects our improvements are having on your site's web traffic
  6. URL rewriting, if applicable (for dynamic websites)
  7. Implementation of Google Places to get your business found on local search results on both Google Search and Google Maps
  8. Bespoke improvements which may not necessarily be attributed to SEO e.g. steps to prevent your site being targetted by spammers

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