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  Value Added Features    



Additional benefits customers enjoy when buying a product or subscribing to a service


A Customer Retention

Inclusion of these additional benefits is a key technique to increasing customer satisfaction and makes it more likely that they will spend longer on a site and come back. The famous Amazon site includes several value added features such as the way it makes suggestions on what products customers may be interested in buying (based on user profiling techniques).

  Viral Marketing    



Marketing via any facility that encourages people to distribute a marketing message.


A Web Promotion and Customer Retention

The word "viral" denotes that the spreading of the information is rapid or even explosive in that it the number of contacts propogate.
Chain letter email is an example of viral marketing. The term, however, is becoming more closely associated with traffic-generating programs/browser start-up schemes like TrafficSwarm, NoMoreHits, EzyTraffic etc.