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Safelists can be defined as a group of individuals, who have opted in to receive and send email messages to like minded individuals. Members of a safelist program are allowed to send email to other members on the list and have also agreed to receive messages from other members.


A Web Promotion

A safelist differs from an opt-in email list in that the latter is restricted to individuals who have opted to receive specific subject matter.

  Search Engine    



A Web site and program that enables users to search an index of websites for occurrences of keywords that they specify. The index is created by automated means as opposed to a search directory which is maintained by humans.


A Web Promotion and Customer Retention

Example popular search engines are AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Google. Apart from these popular search engines, there are
·topical search engines(e.g. Scirus for scientific information)
·news search engines (e.g. daypop )
·multimedia search engines (e.g. Altavista's Image Search) and
·regional search engines (too numerous to pick any particular one).

The best way of marketing your site is to ensure your site is submitted to the top search engines and, before you do, your site is optimized so that it will be found in the top few results for certain keywords.

We have also included this concept as a Customer Retention one because one way of preventing your customers from leaving your site is to allow them to search the web via a feature included directly on your site. An example of this is 'Add AllTheWeb to your site'.