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A measure (1 to 10) which is assigned by the search engine Google showing how important it thinks the site is. The higher the measure, the more important.


A Web Promotion

Only Google know the algorithm for PageRank, but is is known that link popularity is the most important factor i.e. in general, the more quality (sites with high pagerank) and relevant (or complementary) sites you get to link to your site, the higher your pagerank. It will increase your site's reputation, and you'll be on a roll because more sites will want to link to you. There's no easy equation for working out how high your pagerank would be.

To see the pagerank of any website, you'll need the Google Toolbar (which is free).

Alcander's link popularity service will help you increase your pagerank.

  Pay Per Click (PPC)    



A scheme where you "pay" to have an advertisement displayed on the search engine result pages.The advertisement is displayed on results for keywords which you bid for, and you are charged based on the number of clicks on your advertisement link. The position of your advertisement is according to how much you bid.


A Web Promotion

If you want instant positioning on the major search engines, PPC
is recommended, as long as you choose a reputable PPC Engine. Some of the smaller engines are known to send you bogus visitors.
Also commonly known as : Pay Per Visitor, Pay for Performance