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A scripting language used to develop interactive web pages, developed by Netscape.


A Customer Retention

Including interactive elements on a web page can be achieved by using various techniques including ASP, CGI and Javascript. Javascript is ideal for capturing some of the characteristics of the browser being used such as whether it is Netscape or Internet Explorer (and which version) and identifying the previous page visited by the user. It can respond to users actions such as mouse-clicks and integrates easily with the HTML. It works on the client side, which means that it runs on the user's computer and not on the Web server. The Help button on this page is achieved by Javascript, for example. Some recommended sites for obtaining functionality written in javascript for enhancing your site include :

  Javascript Protection    



A solution to protect javascript from reuse by third parties.


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Because javascript can be viewed by selecting 'view source' from your browser, it can also be easily be extracted for reuse. You may have put in considerable effort to add functionality by writing some javascript to win over the competition. There is at least one way in which you can prevent it being pinched by the competition i.e. take a look at Javascript protection from AtomPark