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  Information Pages    



Relevant and keyword-rich pages which are optimized to perform well with the search engines.


A Web Promotion

Rather than risk getting a website penalized by developing doorway pages, information pages are pages which the search engines like and do not clutter up servers because they are not duplicated. Instead, they contain unique, useful information and are well integrated (i.e. easily reachable via hyperlinks from the main pages of the site). They are optimized for quality keywords (perhaps chosen by using the Wordtracker service) to perform well with one of the main search engines. A recommended way of optimizing them would be to pass them through Web Position Gold's Pagecheck tool. All the pages on a good quality web site would be information pages. Tip : If you optimize your pages for Google, your pages will still be well optimized for all the other main search engines. Most traffic originating from search engines will come from Google anyway. You will not lose out by not having variants of your pages for different search engines.

  Invisible Web    



The part of the Web not indexed by the search engines.


A Web Promotion concept

It is not practical for the search engines to index all pages on the Web. The so-called invisible web is still visited by surfers and consists largely of dynamic pages i.e. pages from database-driven sites.
Compare this term to "Surface Web" which is the reachable part of the Web, mainly consisting of static pages.
There are solutions available to enable dynamic pages to get indexed. Here is a look-up table which we have organized according to the architecture that is utilized :






Apache's Modrewrite module



House of Fusion's tips on SES URL's






Bright Planet's Deep Query Manager