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The request for and subsequent delivery of a file (such as a Web page) on a server.


A Web Promotion concept

One hit is counted per element so a page which includes four graphics, for example will result in four hits plus one for the page itself. Note that businesses (when charging for ad banners) count the number of HTML page requests, rather than hits. Though this is included as a Web Promotion concept, be aware that your Web Promotion endeavours should be aimed at increasing your traffic in the form of page requests rather than hits, because you could increase your hits by adding more elements to your pages, but doing so would slow down the down-load speed.

  Html Protection    



The prevention of users stealing html and images from your web pages.


A Web Promotion concept

Such prevention will in effect help you promote your site as it will help you maintain the uniqueness of your site and prevent the winning aspects of your site being reused by your competition. (HTML and JAVASCRIPT protection resources). An excellent resource for products to protect your Web site content and images, and help avoid the SPAM risk is AtomPark.