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  Gateway Pages    



Gateway pages are used to guide the search engines to your doorway pages.


A Web Promotion

The purpose of a gateway page is to lead the search engine spiders or robots to doorway pages. This is in an attempt to boost rankings with the search engines as they will be lead to believe that they have found these doorway pages on their own. A gateway page contains the same keywords and keyword phrases as the doorway pages, and these keywords are hyperlinked to the doorway pages. The gateway page rather than the doorway page is submitted to the search engines. Sometimes the gateway is hosted on a different domain to the doorway pages.
The 'gateway pages technique' is not used by Alcander Ltd. as it is considered trickery by many of the search engines. Alcander prefer techniques where all the developed web pages are highly representative, relevant and integral to the website which owns them.




A program to facilitate visitors submitting comments and some personal details via an HTML form.


A Web Promotion and Customer Retention

There are numerous guest-book programs available. Webmasters may not want to include a guest book as well as a forum and a feedback form as this may be an overkill, but guestbooks are highly recommended for providing a quick and easy way (from all parties' point of view) of capturing data. They can also be designed so that it is optional for visitors to leave any personal information which may otherwise put them off providing any feedback at all.