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  Direct Email    



Email directed to individuals who have opted to
see it and are members of your targetted audience.


A Web Promotion

Conducting your marketing campaign via email is not too dissimilar from mail marketing, but has the advantages that it is relatively inexpensive, fast, interactive, scaleable and can to a large extent be automated. The challenges are similar - how to convince customers to open your message and not consign it to the bin. Perhaps they are even more likely to do so given that email users are now receiving tens of thousands of marketing messages over the course of a year. Spamming is also a blight on the Internet.

Also see : opt-in e-mail

  Doorway Pages    



A page that forms an entry point to your web site and has been optimized to rank well with a specific search engine for particular sets of keywords.


A Web Promotion and Customer Retention

Doorway pages are likely to get your site penalized with the search engines. This is because they have the reputation of duplicating content (i.e. one typically creates multiple versions, slightly different for each search engine). They also tend not to be integrated with the rest of a website, serve no purpose in their own right apart from attempting to raise a site's rankings and thus contribute to cluttering up the web servers. They are often associated with Web Position Gold, however Alcander recognises that the latter product can be used just as easily to create information pages which rank well for particular keywords, but are integral to a site and provide valuable content.

Read about this concept in the article : Why Submitting Your Pages To Loads of Search Engines Is Not Enough.