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Working out the keywords you want your website to rank for can not be left to guess work. The main keywords (i.e. excluding any long-tail keywords) to focus on should typically meet all of the following criteria:

  1. RELEVANCE. The keywords need to be seen as being directly connected and pertinent to your business or service by your existing and potential customers i.e. visitors to your website. It should not be left to just the website designer or copy writer to decide the relevance of keywords.
  2. ATTRACT HIGH SEARCH VOLUMES: The keywords need to attract a high quantity of web traffic.
  3. LOW COMPETITION: To stand any chance or ranking well on the search engines, the competition with other websites should be relatively low, unless you are a very strong brand and can afford a huge marketing campaign.
  4. COMMERCIALITY: The ability for the keyword to generate revenue.


Our Service

Alcander is equipped with the skills and techniques to find the best keywords for inclusion on your website. If you subscribe to our service you will receive, after an initial keyword brainstorming session (in which you will be involved) a report of strategic1, general and niche keywords2. The report will include details of which keywords will bring the best return on investment and conversation rates.

1 A few keywords which are the best at meeting all the above criteria so that high rankings are most easily achievable while bringing good returns

2 By keywords we also mean keyword phrases

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