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Search Engine Optimization > Intermediate Package

A package to provide even better rankings (compared to the basic package) with even more concentrated effort on improving your site's market-focused content and integrity.

This package consists of :

All Components of BASIC package with the following extensions :

  1. 15 niche keywords / keyphrases
  2. content optimisation is extended to 15 pages (10 in basic)
  3. the link popularity component is extended to min 180 links (compared to 120 in the basic package). These are accumulated over a 6 month period.
  4. Reporting and Maintenance extended to 9 months ( 6 in basic)

Code Optimization. Optimization of the coding (as opposed to content) of your pages, for leaner pages (i.e. pages which are not heavily laden with unnecessarily complex code). Search engines favor such pages and will give you even better rankings. This Intermediate package supports optimization of up to 20 pages (increased to up to 25 with the advanced package, or as many pages as you wish with the bespoke package).

This component will include site architecture changes, if our SEO experts recognize the need.


N.b. We can also provide a bespoke package, tailored to suit your business requirements and budget. E.g. you can use the bespoke package either to economize (even on the basic package) or to acquire a broader or more specific package.