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Welcome to Alcander, specialists in Web Promotion and Customer Retention. We provide information, resources & consultation* to help you..
• get top search engine positions for keywords ideal for your target audience
• increase the number of visitors to your website
• ensure your visitors stay longer and keep coming back

We offer two ways of achieving great success on the World Wide Web :

1) D.I.Y. - We invite you to browse our KnowledgeBase, read our selection of articles (cross-referenced with our collection of Webmasters' resources) and subscribe to our FREE NEWSLETTER. Additionally, you can share the experience of other Webmasters by using our discussion forum. All of this will equip you with the knowledge and tools to market your site.

2) Consultancy - Our top-flight marketing and search engine promotion service, established to help your site achieve top rankings with the Search Engines for your target keywords, and to increase the customer retention (or stickiness) of your most important web pages.

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