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You are invited to contribute to this forum on Web Promotion and Customer Retention. Share your success with others. Ask questions. Recommend Webmaster's resources.

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Topic What do you think of the site so far?
If you can't wait to make your comments on the CONTACT US form, you can add them here. You might get a reply (as another post) and we can get a discussion going about the web site. Not sure people will take it seriously though!

2 3 Last post by Phil (unregistered)
On 17 Jul 2002 at 16:12
Topic Hey, click on this topic! Try me!
Once you've clicked on it, you can click on 'post topic' to post a topic on the forum. This will start or continue a discussion. Hopefully people will type in something meaningful and we can get something going here!

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Topic Example discussion (Parrot Joke)
Parrot joke/discussion to serve as an example!

1 10 Last post by Pretty Polly (shivering) (unregistered)
On 05 Jul 2002 at 21:19
Topic Web Promotion Mistakes
Discussions on what you think should be avoided and lowers your rankings with the search engines or makes it less easy for people to find web sites.

1 1 Last post by Steve (unregistered)
On 02 Jul 2002 at 18:21
Topic Search Engine Optimisation
Discussions on Search Engines and their characteristics, and how to get your web site listed high in their results (apart from using WebPosition Gold, of course). Please use the WebPosition Gold Topic for specific discussions on WebPosition Gold.

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Topic Link Partnerships
Please use this topic to seek partners with whom to exchange links. Describe your site here and include your URL. Someone (with a complimentary website) might want to link to your site as long as your link to theirs.

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Topic General
If your contribution does not fit under the other Web Promotion strategies, please use this General topic.

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Topic WebPosition Gold
Discussions on using WebPosition Gold, the award-winning resource recommended by Alcander Ltd.

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Topic Recommended Resources
You are invited to submit your recommended resource for Web-masters to consider employing to promote their web pages

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Topic Customer Retention Strategies
You are invited to let the community know about ways in which you increased the stickiness of your site i.e. managed to get your visitors to stay longer and return frequently. Can you recommend a strategy worthy of inclusion in the main sections of t

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Topic General X Discussion
If your contribution does not fit into any of the other categories, please use this category.

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Topic Recommended X Resources
You are invited to submit your recommended resource(s) for Web-masters to consider employing to entice their visitors to linger longer and visit more frequently.

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Topic Customer Retention Mistakes
Discussions on what you think turns visitors off and therefore makes sites less sticky.

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Topic General Discussion
Discussion that does not fit in the other categories. Please keep your contributions relevant to the Alcander Ltd. web site, e.g. you may wish to comment on the design of this website, or recommend a resource to go into the WebMasters Xtras section.

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