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Make up your own package, with our guidance. This will enable you to meet your own budget and choose how many keywords you would like as well as other criteria. We will also try and accommodate any special requirements you may have.

1. Choose from the options which are built into our fixed priced packages : BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED (using our guidance as to which options best fit together for you) and 2. Choose how many keywords / keyphrases you would like your site to be optimised for. You may also change other variables such as the minimum number of incoming links you wish for our link popularity service, the period of Reporting and Maintenance and how many pages you would like optimized via the Code Optimization component.

You may wish to use the bespoke package just to increase or decrease the number of keywords that we optimize for i.e. one of our fixed price packages fits your needs in terms of the services it comprises, but the nature of your business (or the size of your website) requires more or less keywords.

We will, at our discretion, include our SPECIAL OFFERS in the bespoke package.