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A low cost solution for an entry level presence on the search engines, consisting of the following components :


Initial Consultation. We will discuss with you your business requirements, gathering information to drive the work to be done.

Keyword Analysis. We will establish 10 niche keywords / key phrases* for targeting your ideal audience and getting you top positions with the search engines. In addition, we work with and improve on all the keywords of 10 pages of your site.

15 with the intermediate package, 20 with the advanced package and complete flexibility with the bespoke package

Site Analysis. We will investigate and report on your site's current ranking, link popularity, search-engine-readiness (and other criteria). The results will be used to determine the work to be done and to prioritize the optimization processes.

Content Optimization. Creation of additional search-engine-friendly pages and optimization of existing pages, based on the established keywords / key phrases. By default these are optimized for the Google search engine, but (on request) we can optimize for any of a large number of international search engines. Note that Alcander do not develop doorway pages, but information pages which are relevant and well integrated with the rest of your site.

As well as improvement with respect to your keyword content, your site will also be optimized with respect to your competitors i.e. we analyse your competition and make changes in order to gain better rankings over them.

The service includes providing your site with a search engine friendly site map to make it easier for the search engines to index all your pages.

In the basic package, the content optimization is applied to a total of 10 pages including any new pages that we introduce.

Site Submission. Submission to more than 120 search engines and directories (including major ones such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and HotBot)

The service includes an initial search engine positioning report which is followed up by submission reports.

For an additional charge, the service is extended to include up to 50 International search engines, and we also investigate specialist search engines and directories (i.e. research and draw up a list relevant for your subject or market area).

Reciprocal Link Building . Increase the number of links to your web site, providing you with at least 120 quality incoming links (i.e. links from reputable, complementary and relevant sites) accumulated over a 6 month period (20 links per month). Though the majority of these links will be reciprocal links i.e. requiring you to link out to the sites which link to you, Alcander also provide a non-reciprocal link popularity service as a part of the advanced package or we can add it on a bespoke basis.

For more links, opt for our intermediate (180 links), advanced (300 links) or bespoke packages.

The links are maintained through our reporting and maintenance component.

Reporting and Maintenance. This on-going phase, over a 6-month period*, covers :
(a) Monthly reporting on site performance (where it is ranked).
(b) On-going increase of link popularity (intermediate, advanced and bespoke packages only) dependent on new suitable sites.
(c) Monthly log reports to show increased visitors to your site.
(d) Maintenance of ranking status by re-optimization or resubmission to search engines.


* 9 months with the intermediate package and 12 months with the advanced package and complete flexibility with the bespoke package


N.b. We can also provide a bespoke package, tailored to suit your business requirements and budget. E.g. you can use the bespoke package either to economize (even on the basic package) or to acquire a broader or more specific package.




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