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Note: All advertising is disabled in LinkEyes PRO


LinkEyes PRO is the more powerful version of LinkEyes LITE, and you can try it FREE for 15 days.
Click here to open an account and get started. You can also open an account at anytime by selecting the My Account tab.

Why Upgrade to LinkEyes PRO?

By upgrading to LinkEyes PRO, you will benefit from:

  • More ways of finding link partners through additional phases

    • Find directories local to your area to optimise local search
    • Find blog, RSS and podcast directories
    • Find article banks
    • Find web forums
    • Find more topical directories, general submission sites and link exchanges

  • Many ways of managing prospective link partners:

    • Save prospects/partners (and details) and organise them in projects and categories
    • See, at a glance, details to help you judge the quality of prospects i.e. PR, Alexa Rank, number of backlinks from key sites (Wikipedia and DMOZ) and other link statistics
    • Monitor changes in PR of prospects/partners over time so spot web pages which have improved their link value (or the opposite).
    • Manage the status of links. LinkEyes PRO will automatically check the status of links, i.e. check that a partner is linking back to your site
    • Help you send personalised requests for backlinks
    • Help you complete form-based requests
    • Easily compute the link-code to include on your site for an out-going link
    • Export projects to CSV files.

  • No advertising. The advertising you see in LinkEyes LITE is disabled.

LinkEyes PRO
FREE for 15 days!


Note: All advertising is disabled in LinkEyes PRO