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Linkeyes is a feature rich tool for researching quality link partners and, with the PRO version, makes it easy to perform the otherwise tedious tasks of sending link requests, filling out HTML forms, and managing and monitoring links. When looking for links users can enter different phases which are designated for finding specific types of links. In all cases, high relevancy is achieved because the whole process is driven by the keywords you supply in a similar way to how one uses a search engine. There is a phase for finding general submission sites (sites with invitations to add link details), topical directories, local directories, link exchanges and more. (Lite users can use a selection of these phases only).

PRO users are assisted in analyzing the potential of each link by glancing at useful data such as the PR and also back-link statistics. They can organise the found links (or link prospects) into projects and categories.

And then when if comes to requesting links, there is a whole raft of features available to help PRO users make link requests (without ever fully automating the process i.e. requests can be made to remain as personal as one would like, and are never sent off en-masse in a way that might be considered to be spam). There is help on hand to fill out forms. Furthermore, the status of link requests can be saved and LinkEyes will, at the touch of a button, go off and check that links are in place on link partnersí sites. SEOs will appreciate the ability (with LinkEyes PRO) to export projects in a format compatible with spread-sheet programs and which can be sent off to their clients. In version 2, there are a number of enhancements which are summarised here.

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Note: All advertising is disabled in LinkEyes PRO