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Significantly help with local search optimisation?

Local search optimisation is a strategy of marketing a website so that it appears higher in the rankings when people are searching for products or services in their own locality. One of the important ways of doing this is to ensure a site is listed in local directories e.g. if your business is based in Manchester. Even your remote village may have a directory or a section in a larger directory e.g.

LinkEyes helps you find these local directories. On the advanced search page, you simply provide a selection of place names, then on the search results pages, choose the local directories phase from the drop down list under ‘Phases’. Remember to place multiple-barrel names in double quotes.

Export link prospect data to CSV files?

With LinkEyes you can export your project data to .CSV (comma separated values) files. These are files which can be opened by Microsoft Excel and other spread-sheet programs. Once you have your data in this form, you can post-process your link prospects (including sorting on some of the data fields) and communicate it to other parties.

Help you spot link prospects changing from warm to hot?

You may decide that a link prospect has good potential but you would rather wait until it has a higher PR. Conversely, you may want to know if the PR declines. Changes in PR can be spotted on the Projects Detailed View. On this page the PR at the time you saved the link prospect and the current PR can be compared.

Help you find article and press - release submission sites

The phases supported by LinkEyes are summarised here. You’ll see that there are phases for a variety of classifications of links, including article submission sites (sometimes called Article Banks), Press Release submission sites, Blog submission sites and specialist sites. These are perhaps the more specialist phases, the others are reserved for finding the more traditional directories and link exchange sites.

Provide 'at a glance' indicators of the quality of link prospects.

From the project options pane, you can quickly assess strong indicators of the potential of a link prospect. Has the link page got a high PR value? What is the page’s Alexa Traffic rating? It is linked from Wikipedia? These factors and more will help you assess the page’s reputation, but should be used as indicators only, supplementing what you may glean by visiting the site itself.

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Note: All advertising is disabled in LinkEyes PRO