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coffee and cactusThe Glowing Reputation service of Alcander Ltd. was set up late 2015 with the purpose of helping small to medium sized businesses reap the full benefits from reviews. This is well documented on the Glowing Reputation website. Though we focus on the London and Kent area, we find that we can offer this service just as easily to other areas as contacting out clients via Skype or Google hangouts (and other means of communication) easily enables us to provide consultancy and support. That said, nothing beats a face to face meet up over a cup of coffee.

We also offer a range of reputation management services such as referral marketing, a brand mention alert service, online listings integrity checking and ranking reports (so you can see how the building up of reviews impacts your website’s ranking on search engine results).

Friedrich Nietzsche - PhilosopherOur philosophy is:

When customers have a problem with a service or product, turn it around and use it to your advantage.

Intercept negative feedback, turn it into a positive so your customers have no reason to leave a negative review.

Be in a positive to react quickly to criticism.

Trace feedback and reviews to the staff who were assigned to your customer so you can see how they are performing.

Reward your staff for good work done.

Analyse any negative feedback so you can improve your business processes and your service.

Flaunt your testimonials!

Do what pleases your human audience as this will also please the search engines and you will reap the rewards.

Meet the Business Owner

Philip Martindale

Philip Martindale

Business Owner (Company Director: Alcander Ltd.)

Phil Martindale has worked in the field of Internet Marketing since 2002. He is a qualified Software Engineer (BSC Eng) who has put his extensive development skills to use by conceiving and developing ecommerce solutions and Internet Marketing tools while working for companies as diverse as ABB and GEC Marconi (as it was known up to 1998). In 2002 he founded his own company - Alcander Ltd.as a one stop shop for businesses to learn about SEO and purchase leading products. This lead to providing SEO solutions and now Reputation Management services.

Phil enjoys contempory jazz and many other kinds of music, plays the piano to a high standard, composes music and enjoys country walks and nature with his partner, Caroline

Why Choose Us

We Build Online Reputations

This is achieved via our Glowing Reputation service and (hosted) software solution

We Put Our Customers First

Along with our software solution we provide consultancy to help you get started (at the very least), but also offer additional set-up packages to ensure you are fully positioned to benefit from the Glowing Reputation platform and other solutions.

We Go Beyond Our Core Services

We are open-minded and skilled to set our clients up with the appropriate solution to protect their brand and build their reputation. Our background in SEO goes a long way to making sure businesses can get the best from being found and being well represented on the search engines.

Benefits At A Glance

More Positive Reviews
Fewer Negative Reviews
A Protected Brand
Improved Rankings
Better Positioned To Take Advantage of What People Are Saying
Consistency and Integrity of Business Listings

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